Product features

The EFFECTIVE SERVICE LIFE OF THE DOUBLE ALLOY IS greatly improved than that of the ordinary NITriding cylinder, and the advantages of the DOUBLE metal are particularly obvious for the processing of engineering plastics, fluorine plastics, polySULFone and PPO special types of plastics.

Bimetallic single screw, double screw with special alloy powder in the screw edge part of spray welding, for different work of the screw, can use different alloy and spray welding.

For the single screw barrel through the inner hole centrifugal casting, for the cone double barrel outlet easy to wear part of imported alloy steel, after special treatment, can effectively improve the wear resistance of the barrel, improve the service life.

Bimetallic screw - Bimetallic screw barrel

Technical parameters:

Depth of alloy: 0.8-2.0mm

Double alloy hardness: HRC56-65


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