Product features

Diameter: from 15 mm - 500 mm

Maximum length: ≤10000mm

Mainly used in film blowing, pipe, profile, sheet, granulation, cable and other single screw extruder products.

Extruder screw barrel can be mainly subdivided into:

1. Screw barrel of film blowing machine;

2, blow molding machine screw barrel;

3. Pipe screw barrel;

4. Granulating screw barrel;

5, PP/PE packing with screw barrel;

6, sheet, profile screw barrel;

7, wire and cable screw barrel

Extrusion screw - Extruder screw barrel


1. Normal nitrided (38CrMoAla/SACM645)

2. Double alloy thread spray-welding bimetallic

3 full coverage of tungsten steel screw wlfram steel screw

4. Full hard series hard scries type

Cylinder barrel

1. Normal nitrided (38CrMoAla/SACM645)

2. Internal hole centrifugal casting alloy bimetallic barrel(ABC class 3 and

3. hard series barrel

Technical indicators

Surface hardness: HV≥290

Nitriding hardness: HV850-1000

Nitriding depth: 0.45-0.7mm

Nitride brittleness: ≤ first grade

Screw straightness :0.015mm

After nitriding surface chromium plating hardness: ≥900HV

Chromium plating thickness: 0.05-0.1mm

Double alloy hardness: 60-70 HRC

Depth of alloy: 0.8-2.0mm

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